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  • HD Stone Collecti...
    Hand Made Stone Bangle
    Weight: 30.000g
    Design No:BG001
    Design Code:HSBG
  • Baby Exclusive
    Tweety Character Design Bangle
    Weight: 6.000g
    Design No:BG001
    Design Code:BEBG
  • DX Collection
    Elegant DX Design Bangle W=25mm Size 5.5cm
    Weight: 46.000g
    Design No:BG002
    Design Code:DXBG
  • Stone Collection
    Elegant Studded Lock Bangle
    Weight: 16.000g
    Design No:BG072
    Design Code:CSBG
  • Toran Collection
    Elegant Feather Weight Broad Bangle W-20mm
    Weight: 20.000g
    Design No:BG119
    Design Code:DTBG
  • DX Collection
    Elegant DX Design Bangle
    Weight: 74.000g
    Design No:BG003
    Design Code:DXBG
  • DX Collection
    Elegant Flower Design Bangle
    Weight: 22.000g
    Design No:BG005
    Design Code:DXBG
  • Titan Collection
    Set of Filigree Design Bangles
    Weight: 72.000g
    Design No:BG079
    Design Code:CCBG
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