Hotline : +94 312 238 822
Hotline : +94 312 238 822
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24KT Gold : 87,500.00
22KT Gold : 80,500.00


Pushpa Jewellers first opened its doors in Negombo in 1967. Over the past forty seven years, we have had a major expansion which has quadrupled the physical size of our store. Our chairman Mr. M. P Agambaram attributes this growth to the store philosophy. "We strongly believe in treating every client with respect and honesty. We believe every client has the right to the best possible quality their money can buy." This philosophy has led to thousands of very generation satisfied customers who not only continue to shop at Pushpa Jewellers but also recommend us to their family and friends.

With exclusive showrooms in Negombo and Katunayake, Pushpa Jewellers offers our clients the latest design and a large collection of jewellery, be it traditional or nontraditional. Pushpa Jewellers recently introduced its 'Suba Mangala' COLLECTIONS, a unique set of collections for your special wedding occasions.

Pushpa Jewellers offers our customer many services. These include free cleaning and jewelry inspection, customer wish list, monthly drawing for a fine piece of jewelry. Most importantly, Pushpa Jewellers offers in-house custom design and jewelry repair. Goldsmiths on the premises can repair your favorite piece of jewelry, restore an older piece of jewelry, or create a brand new piece of jewelry for you.

Purchasing, giving, and wearing jewelry is a very personal experience. We all enjoy different pieces of jewelry for a variety of reasons. Maybe you remember your first gift of jewelry, perhaps from your parents, which made you feel quite grown up. Perhaps your memory is the bittersweet joy of restoring your late grandmother's ring so you can wear it and think of her. Whether your memories are filled with the excitement of opening a gift of jewelry from a loved one or of selecting a much-deserved gift for yourself, jewelry evokes many emotions. We understand that at Pushpa Jewellers. We take our role in helping you make the best choices for you and your loved ones very seriously with the help our very experienced customer service staffs. After all, we are privileged you have selected us to be part of these special times in your life.

Whatever occasion prompted you to visit us today, we thank you for browsing our site. Again, we look forward to meeting you, serving your needs, and fulfilling your dreams with sincere caring and professionalism.

We value your feedback in order to further improve our services and please feel free to write to or alternatively call to +94 312 238 822.