Hotline : +94 312 238 822
Hotline : +94 312 238 822
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24KT Gold : 49,500.00
22KT Gold : 45,540.00

Since 1967; with more than 40 years of priceless experience and a very strong foundation of trust Pushpa Jewellers has developed some very demanding standards that set us far above the others and fortunately make us a favorite with the masses.

  • Stone Collection
    Elegant Studded Ladies Ring
    Weight: 3.000g
    Design No:LR185
  • Rolex Collection
    Stylish Deluxe Bracelet L-8"
    Weight: 28.000g
    Design No:BR010
  • DX Collection
    Elegant DX Design Bangle W=25mm Size 5.5cm
    Weight: 46.000g
    Design No:BG002
  • Baby Exclusive
    Tweety Character Design Bangle
    Weight: 6.000g
    Design No:BG001
  • Stone Collection
    Elegant Studded Bracelet L-7in
    Weight: 6.000g
    Design No:BR005
  • Deluxe Jimikki
    Elegant Filigree Deluxe Jimikki
    Weight: 22.000g
    Design No:JY001